We're a store sells every second-hand product,and Heavy Equipment product.
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Shipping terms :
We ship worldwide!.Beforeweset adelivery service, wewould suggest usinga localdeliveryservicethat matches thedestination. Pleasecontact usifyouwant to change or suggest othershipping services. Freightcostsareadditional costs, not includedin the priceof goods.
The process ofpackaging andshippingas soon as possibleafterthe payment processis completed. The shipping time depends on your location. Wewillcontact youbackif there are anydelays/problemsin delivery.
Payment Method : 
Bank Transfer, Letter of Credit, Cash
After theagreementthe price of goods, we will send youthe bankaccount number/Letter of Credit invoice(for whom use paypal & credit card). Afterpayment, the buyer need to send thenameand full address. Please contact us for any details.

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